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The EU has fined Google $5.06 billion in an antitrust proceeding regarding the mandatory inclusion of Google apps on other vendors’ Android based phones.

Google started sulking, claiming they might have to close down Android and no longer give it away free of charge. Now this will be funny. Android is Linux based which, in large parts, is protected by the GPL license which basically says that if you use GPL licensed code in your project, you have to publish your source code as well. Good luck Google :)

Colour X-Rays Are Here

Sat, Jul 14, 2018

Something really awesome is coming our way from a New-Zealand based company. The first ever colour X-ray picture was taken by employing a new particle detection chip developed at the CERN. Originally this technology was used for particle tracking at the Large Hadron Collider but improvements made to that chip technology made it more and more interesting for areas outside of particle physics.

Just as with the visible light, the colour represents different energy levels of X-ray photons. Different energy levels are also associated with different body components. Bone leads to a different energy than water for example. The company which realized the colour X-ray, MARS Bioimaging Ltd, is using the energy sensitive detection data as an input for a set of algorithms they developed to then reconstruct a colour 3D image. They also have a nice picture on their site. Awesome stuff!

The European Union is hosting a non-binding vote in order to determine the view of its citizens on keeping or abolishing the daylight savings time. Originally implemented as an energy saver this has long been debunked. More heating during the winter months actually more than offsets the energy savings due to extended daylight time. In addition, the time shift has been known to cause psychological issues with a lot of people. In addition, the rate of accidents spikes each time the clocks are shifted due to people being more tired on average.

The EU vote is non-binding but this is the chance to actually show them your oppinion on the matter!