Nice of you to drop by. My name’s Alex, I am a physicist with long roots in the IT industry where I focus on Linux systems and security. This serves as both, a little “about me” page, as well as a collection of questions or statements I regularly find in my mailbox. If you enjoy your time here there is no need (and no way) to click like buttons or subscribe to any channels. Just keep enjoying life then, you only have one ;)

What is this about?

Just my two cents on a lot of different topics. Sometimes it helps to write things down, lest I forget. Maybe someone else can even profit from that, who knows? In addition, it is interesting to look back on what you wrote in the past to reflect on how and why your views on certain matters change, or don’t.

So what kind of physicist are you?

I graduated in laser physics and photonics and for my PhD I focused on lasers in the near to mid infrared spectral range. There are a lot of funky things you can do with these wavelengths - everything from detecting greenhouse gasses to cutting organic tissue or fooling heat-seeking missiles. Plus I grew my own laser crystals which is, dare I say, awesome on its own terms. :)

Are you still working as a physicist?

I actually came from a consulting background focusing on IT and digitalization projects. After finishing my research I moved back to the consulting business but also focus more on high-tech topics where my scientific knowledge can be put to good use.

I am offended by XYZ you wrote!

So be offended. Nothing happens. – Steve Hughes

What you wrote about XYZ is wrong!

Hey, nobody’s perfect and being proven wrong is actually one of the best things that can happen to you as it helps you improve. So if you have something worthwhile to say and can back it up with facts or your reasoning is sound feel free to drop me a line. (If none of the previous apply you can still drop me a line but you might get ignored, lectured, embarrassed, ridiculed, or whatever else floats my boat at the time)

Are you on twitter, facebook, <insert social media site>?

Hell no!

But how can I contact you?

What’s wrong with e-mail? Look to the top right…

How can I write you securely?

Use my PGP key

Is there an RSS feed?

Use this one