James Damore Sues Google

Tue, Jan 9, 2018

James Damore, the engineer that got fired by Google for writing an internal memo about how there is an aura of fear amongst Google employes of being fired for expressing conservative or even just scientific views about the whole gender debate (note the irony), has just filed a case against his former employer (and here is the suit) for discrimination.

It will be interesting to see how this pans out. Apparently the suit (linked above) contains numerous screenshots of interesting things going on. In addition to marvels in the text, as in Google paying a so called peer bonus where a colleague can recommend another colleague for a bonus because that colleague spoke out against the values in Damore’s memo. Oddly reminiscent of Trumps let’s-buy-UN-votes tactics.

Overall, the second half of the suit is riddled with screenshots of things posted on the internal google newsgroups and message groups. It actually paints a pretty clear picture of who is discriminating against who.