NSA No Longer Honest

Wed, Jan 24, 2018

Now, before you go all “NO SHIT!” on me, not too long ago the mission statement of the NSA cited four core values: Honesty, Respect for the Law, Integrity, and Transparency. Since you just read this, I will give you a minute to get your snickering under control…. got it? … can we move on? … ok, thanks.

So now the current version of the updated core values cites six core values: Commitment to Service, Respect for the Law, Integrity, Transparency, Respect for People, and Accountability. Gone is the honesty, we never used that one anyway, right? The same sinking ship also took “honor the public’s need for openness” with it. Convenient!

Also of interest is that, with the new and revised core values, Respect for People only applies to NSA personnel and Transparency only applies to “those who authorize and oversee NSA’s work”.