Sex on the Blockchain

Thu, Jan 11, 2018

We have officially reached the point in the evolution of mankind where it might soon be possible to use a blockchain powered mobile app in order to set up a legally binding contract before proceeding to more delicate matters.

Money quote:

Escalate a breach with a single click, triggering cease and desist letters and enforcing penalty payments

Maybe this will be just the start. Perhaps, in a couple of years from now, the way people go for a fling will be along the lines of “So, my lawyer is going to talk to your lawyer and then, after we sign the contract in two weeks, we can fuck?”. Which actually is just a small step up from “Ohh, Babe, wait a second, you have to swipe here and give me at least 2 hours of consent before we can go any further!”.

I’m actually still hoping this is a hoax but would it surprise me if it wasn’t? No, not really. Romance, RIP 2018.