Razer Does Not Care About Linux

Tue, Feb 13, 2018

Richard, a longtime maintainer for various open source projects, has offered Razor to do their dirty work for them and write firmware update software from scratch so Linux users that want to update their Razer devices without having to install Windows first can do so. All he asked for was some example code or at least the specifications so he could get started.

I offered to upstream any example code they could share under a free license, or to write the code from scratch given enough specifications to do so. This is something I’ve done for other vendors, and doesn’t take long as most vendor firmware updaters all do the same kind of thing; there are only so many ways to send a few kb of data to USB devices.

So how did Razer respond to the gift horse? I mean, they would be fools to turn down an offer of someone expanding their potential customer base for free, right?

I have discussed your offer with the dedicated team and we are thankful for your enthusiasm and for your good idea. I am afraid I have also to let you know that at this moment in time our support for software is only focused on Windows and Mac.

So don’t buy Razer hardware if you want to maintain them without a proprietary operating system. Personally I have never been a big fan of Razer as their desire to put everything into the cloud has taken one hillarious turn after the other. I’m sorry but my mouse settings do not need to be stored in the cloud and I do not want to create an account with your site just to use a piece of hardware I already paid for.