Israel Shoots Protesters - UN Cites Geneva Convention

Sat, Apr 7, 2018

Last week, 18 Palestinians were killed by Israeli forces during protests taking place at the Gaza “border”.

The UN of course disagrees with this tactic and UN secretary general António Guterres called for Israel to excercise extreme caution. The UN human rights spokeswoman Elizabeth Throssel also chimed in, stating that wilful killing of civilians constitutes a breach of the fourth Geneva convention.

In the following attempt to reconcile, Israel shot at least 7 more. What were the Palestinians doing there anyway?

Among those who turned up was Ali Bakroun, 19. “I came here with my friends to fly the kite we made this week,” he said. “I wrote our names on it. We got close to the fence to throw stones but we stayed in a low place so we would be under cover. I’m not afraid to be shot or killed because our land deserves our lives.”

Throwing stones and flying kites… more than enough reason for Israeli soldiers to use live ammo…