German Right-Wing Party Offering Money for Protesters to Attend Rally

Wed, May 23, 2018

The German right-wing political party AfD apparently has been offering 50 Euro (German link) to people willing to attend a rally, scheduled for the 27th of May, to protest “for Germany” in Berlin. Overall they apparently wanted to use 1500 EUR to pay for the first 30 protesters to join up.

After a member of the AfD at first denied these allegations, the party’s speaker Robin Classen confirmed the plan to pay off protesters. The sweet sweet irony in this is that numerous members of the AfD claim that the left-wing parties regularly pay people to attend political demonstrations. For a while now I have been getting the feeling that the AfD is trying to immitate Trump to the best of their abilities. Especially his proclivity for fucking up in the most embarrassing of ways ^^