Trump Beaten by Facts (Again)

Fri, Jun 22, 2018

Trump tweeted that crime in Germany is “way up” and that this is due to all the refugees taken in by my country. While I would quickly run out of hard drive space if I were to comment on every single time that dimwit claims something despite the evidence pointing in the completely other direction, this one - of course - is a bit personal.

Luckily, we Germans love our statistics and cold hard facts. For anyone interested you can check out the official crime statistics of the Federal Statistical Office of Germany. As these only go up to 2016, here are the latest numbers for 2017, you can find these on page 10 in the PDF file, section 3.1. The total number of criminal offenses registered in 2017 is 5,761,984. This is the lowest number since 1992 and a good 10% less than in 2016.

This was way too easy… But then again, if you are Trump you already are your worst enemy anyway. The rest of the world can just sit back, relax, and enjoy some popcorn while the US fade from the world stage.