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In an attempt to win the fight against software piracy not by making a quality product for which customers want to pay money, but by shady and potentially illegal methods, flight sim company flightsimlabs (FSLabs) has installed malware onto their customers PCs. The malware consists of a password dumper that automatically locates the google chrome browser’s login file and then dumps all the usernames and passwords which can then be extracted by FSLabs.

The company claims it only uses this tool against pirates which, I think, is totally beside the point. Not a single paying customer, during the ordering or installation process, gave them consent to have a password stealing tool installed on their computer. Quite on the contrary, FSLabs also asks you to turn off your antivirus (not that those would be a big help anyway) software before installation. Now why would they do that? :)

While FSLabs has, after receiving a lot of backlash, apparently released an installer that does not contain this malware, they have served as another glowing beacon that shows why DRM is anti-consumer and totally despisable. I certainly would not buy anything from a company that thought it ok to install a password-stealing malware onto their paying customers machines.