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Brian Acton, one of the co-founders of WhatsApp who is no longer with the company, has a recommendation for the masses and told them on Twitter to delete facebook.

He is actually a big fan of Signal now and donated 50 million to the start of the Signal foundation.

You heard the man! And while you’re at it install Signal … it’s like WhatsApp but properly secure and cool.

Update: Elon Musk apparently listened, no SpaceX and Tesla on Facebook anymore ^^

Remember the 50 million batches of private user data Facebook gave lost to Cambridge Analytica, the data analysis company?

Well, looks like they also like to use other methods as an undercover investigation by Channel 4 found out. Things like bribing politicians or using sex workers to entrap them were among the glorious deeds the executives from Cambridge Analytica boasted about.

So keep on using Facebook and browsing the web while you are logged in. I am sure your private and personal life will be put to good use.

Working for the tech giants is not just fun and games it seems. From the industry that has brought you the thought police at Google we now present Mark Zuckerberg’s secret police. An excellent article by the Guardian on what happens to your personal liberties if you consider working there. From constant monitoring of even your personal commmunications, over personal searches of your belongings, up to tracking your location 24/7. The Stasi would have been proud!

Remember how Facebook “failed to protect” the data of 30 million users back in 2017?

Turns out the whole thing is a bit more dramatic. Apparently Facebook essentially gave the private data of 50 million users to a “researcher” who told them he needed it for “research purposes”. So Facebook is like “Sure, go for it.” without properly checking anything. Turns out the “researcher” then gave the data to the data analylzing company Cambridge Analytica which used the private data of those 50 million profiles to analyze and predict voter behaviour for the election campaign of Trump.

Facebook claims that it is not their fault because they got scammed by the researcher. What a shitty excuse for failing to protect data entrusted to them. If your bank tells you “We’re sorry that your account is empty, but some guy came by and told us that you said he could have all your cash. So we gave it to him. How could we have known? We are not to blame! We got scammed!”

And people still ask me why I am not on Facebook…. you guys need to fucking wake up. Ever wondered why Facebook is free and you don’t have to pay anything? Want to guess how they pay for all their employees, data centers, and office buildings?

If you are not the customer, you are the product!