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In a seriously unpopular move, smartphone maker Huawei disclosed that they will stop offering unlock codes for their devices’ bootloaders. They say they want to

[…] deliver the best user experience and prevent users from experiencing possible issues that could arise from ROM flashing […]

As in: digital self-determination, full control over the devices that you paid for, removal of bloatware, or just the general freedom to mess around with stuff that you own. This is definately a reason to no longer buy Huawei devices. Manufacturers that want to dictate how you use your device should not be supported at all. Reddit and Twitter are apparently already loaded with Huawei customers that are announcing to return their most recent Huawei merchandise in order to move to more open brands.

In the end I think that we urgently need laws prohibiting hardware manufacturers from locking down their systems. If you pay for it, the silicone should be yours to do with as you please. Of course, if you brick the device in the process, it is your own damn fault. So no suing of hardware manufacturers because you decided it was a good idea to yank out the data cable while flashing a new rom! But you should have the right to do whatever you want to your devices.

This is actually the same reason why I would never ever buy an iPhone. I am the one telling my phone what to install, what to load, and what to execute, not the other way around.