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According to, Mozilla is planning to introduce a new method for resolving DNS queries that could actually end up negatively impacting your privacy.

Dubbed Trusted Recursive Resolver (TRR) this new resolving method actually results in Firefox ignoring your DNS server and instead uses Cloudflares DNS servers instead. This is awesome, especially because Cloudflare is a company from the US and they then know which sites you connect to. Essentially this would mean that one company has all the information on all users of Firefox.

This is utterly stupid. Collecting data in one place makes Cloudflare a prime target for surveillance and it also stores your connection metadata in the US. Essentially they are adding a single point of failure for the whole Firefox ecosystem.

Thankfully, offers some advice:

  • enter about:config in the address bar
  • search for network.trr
  • set network.trr.mode = 5 to completely disable this feature

The other modes for network.trr.mode are described in

Apparently Mozilla wants to set the new resolver feature as a default beginning with the September patch. Be sure to check your settings again then. Oh and why the fuck does Mozilla insist on fucking up Firefox?