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The UK diplomats at the Human Rights Council have released a statement regarding the importance of freedom of the media

A free and independent media fulfils a vital role in holding the powerful to account and giving a voice to the powerless.

showing their great sense of british humor. The UK has probably some of the worst libel laws when it comes to protecting freedom of the press. A country that basically coined the term libel tourism which describes the practise of foreign citizens coming to the UK to sue others because it is so damn easy and profitable.

The UK is ranked #40 in the world freedom of press index after such illustrious competitors as Slovakia (#17), Namibia (#24), and Uruguay (#25). Even France (#39), which rekindled its love for martial law and shady anti-terror laws, managed to beat them.

Julian Assange had a thing or two to say as well ^^ (Screenshot below in case Twitter goes on a censor spree again)

Assange replies to UK